Canada is home to the largest number of Sikhs outside of India. Most Sikhs settled in places like Greater Vancouver and Toronto, but the third-largest concentration is in southern Alberta.

Professor Michael Hawley, Ph.D., Mount Royal University, embarked on the project to study the history of southern Alberta’s Sikh community. The project uses social media to uncover layers of Sikh settlement going back to before Alberta existed as a province. The Southern Alberta Sikh History Project is recording the patterns of Sikh migration and settlement in southern Alberta, examining Sikh religious and cultural expressions over time, exploring Sikhs’ ongoing connections with Punjab, and looking to understand how Sikhs have been represented in the media, politics and law in the region.

Alberta Sikh History Project - "Id we don't know the local story, we don't know the global story.
Sohan Singh Bhullar and Effie Jones -  Assist new immigrants from Punjab to Canadian life in the 1900s.
Alberta Sikh History Project
Dhan Kaur Johal - Matriarch of the emerging Sikh community in Calgary, hosting new arrivals in her home and educating young Sikhs on their faith in the 1900s.
Alberta Sikh History Project
Chanon Singh - Athlete, runner and wrestler in Calgary in the early 20th century. Alberta Sikh History Project
Judi Singh - Biracial, born in Edmonton in 1945. Acclaimed jazz singer, singing "A Time for Love" with Tommy Banks.
Alberta Sikh History Project
Harnam Singh and Khem Kaur - The Hari family amassed 5000 acres in Alberta. Alberta Sikh History Project
Hazara Singh Garcha - Achieve a master of Agricultural Science from the University of Alberta, dedicating the rest of her life to educating young women in Punjab. Alberta Sikh History Project
Harchet Singh Hari - Grandson of Harnam Singh and Khem Kaur Hari. Alberta Sikh History Project